Complete Production Sound Cart

Sound Devices 833:
12 Track Production Mixer with Integrated Field Recorder and TimeCode. 
Sound Devices 664:
16 Track Production Mixer with Integrated Field Recorder and TimeCode.
Icon Platform M+ & D2. Digital Desk Mixer/Controller.

Boom Microphones
2x Sennheiser MKH 416-P48 Shotgun Mics.
2x Sennheiser MKH 50-P48 Super-cardioid Mic
Oktava MK-012-01 Hyper-cardioid Mic.
3x Lectrosonics HM Plug on for WireLess Boom.
Micron P48 for WireLess Boom.
Sennheiser SKP 3000 for WireLess Boom.
Radio Mic Kits
7x Lectrosonics SMDB & SMB Transmitters + Lectrosonics SRb Dual Receivers.
2x Audio Limited 2020 Radio Mic Kits.
1x Micron Explorer Radio Mic Kit.
2x Sennheiser G3 Radio Mic Kit.
4x DPA 6060 Lavalier Mics.
10x Sanken COS11-D Lavalier Mics.
2x TRAM 50 Lavalier Mics.
In Ear Monitors (IEMs)
5x Sennheiser  IEM Receivers for Director/Script/Producer & GT.
4x LD IEM Receivers for Director/Script/Producer & GT.
2x Betso SBOX-2RF Time code and word clock generator with RF transmission
2x Tentacle Sync Lockit Boxes for 100% Accuracy TimeCode.
Boom Poles
Panamic Maxi Carbon Fiber Feature Film & Rycote Blimp + Windjammer.
Panamic Mini Carbon Fiber ENG & Rycote Blimp + Windjammer.
ENG Carbon Fiber Boom Pole & Rycote Blimp + Windjammer.
Micron RF Antenna Distribution Module with Integrated Filter.
2x Betso Bowties RF antennas.
1x Lectrosonics RF antenna.
4x 7¨ LCD Video Monitors with HD-SDI input and HDMI.
Sound Guys Solutions MD-6 Battery Distribution Box.
 5x NP1 Swit Batteries.
Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones.
K-Tek Stingray Bag & Harness.
Zoom H4N. 4 Track Handy Recorder.
Accessories: Lavalier concealers, URSA & Viviana Straps, Rycote Invision 7,
Rycote Ristretto Windjammer, Undercovers and Overcovers,
XLR Power cables, Adaptors...

Mac Book Pro & 32” Monitor & LCD Projector running Pro Tools 12.

(Additional equipment can be hired as needed)